Noreena Jasper

Here's another gorgeous rock from Down Under (Australia for those of you in Rio Linda). This Noreena Jasper is something I never saw until Quartzsite this past January, and it's incredibly colorful no matter where it's cut. And much more vivid than the photo shows, too. I have a big chunk of this, polished, which Mrs. Bitter Brook will NOT allow me to cut up. I only have a few slabs to cut, so don't let this one go by.

42.5mm x 27mm x 5.5mm.   Weight: 51.70 carats.

Every one of my cabochons is custom cut to take the best advantage of the particular slab from which it is fashioned. Colors may vary somewhat from what is pictured due to differences in computer monitors.

Click the image on the right to see the cabochon super-sized...

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Noreena Jasper


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